A Big Surprise

My coworker, Fish Wang, handed me two envelops this morning. He said that he found them in a pile of letters intended for the foreign labourers in our dorm. I was very surprised to see these letters.

They are from my friends abroad. One is from a German friend; the other is from Russia. My German friend sent the letter to me to wish me a happy birthday last year. I know nothing about the surprise letter. My Russian friend sent me a postcard of Vladivostok in June 2009. He told me about it, saying that he wanted to show me the beauty of the harbour.

However, I have never seen these two letters before today. I was waiting for the postcard from Vladivostok last summer and I did not get anything! I was sad and I told my friend that the postcard might have been lost somewhere along its trip to my dorm. Hence, I was not expecting to see these two letters this morning.

People rarely send snail mails nowadays, but for the receivers it's always a pleasure to read the letter on paper. I am so happy to open these two letters. This is the best surprise of the day!


Some Efforts I Do to Kill Ants

Since December 2009, there is a big problem keep bothering me. That is ants invade in my room. At the beginning, I thought that was only a temporary situation, so I didn't pay too much attention on it. Then it got worse. They really felt like at home and still come and go whenever they want. At that moment, I finally realized they would never leave my room.

So, I used an insecticide to kill them. However, it didn't work. They only felt dizzy but not been killed. Then I searched on the internet about how to kill ants and I found someone said that using vinegar to wipe the route they pass through can prevent ants invade again. So I dripped some vinegar into the water and wiped my desks and floors hardly, then put some mothballs in every corner in my room hoping this could keep them away. Still not working again. Also I had tried squeeze orange peel to wiped the route and still in vain.
My friend said that maybe it was cold outside and my room was too warm because I turned on the heater. But I don't want to turn it off because I don't want to freeze to death. Therefore, I am still trying against them. Right now, I am serious consider of buying a poisonous bait to kill them. Let's just wait and see. I will be the winer in this battle at last.



I saw the movie “2012” last week, finally. That reminds me one night last Sep.

12/ 5 was the election date for county magistrate and councilors. Before that day, one candidates came to our community of our apartment and made a speech for her politics. They attracted the residents to listen her politics by offering simple dinner and gave a movie in our conference room. I was not interested with the dinner, but I did been attracted by the video – 2012. I knew 2012 was still in theater then , I didn't know how they get the video. Actually, that is not really important to me, I just wanted to see this movie.
After half hour of the candidate's speaking, ha, finally here came the video "2012". I was so excited to see the movie, and we prepared everything ready like pop cone and drinks to sit on the sofa and enjoy the movie. After one and half hour, the movie ended. What? What's that?

I did not see John Cusack in the movie, I did not see any disaster either. The plot did describe Mayan Prophecy and what would happen in 2012, but…. is that really the movie “ 2012 “ ? What is going on ? I checked the video case, it was definitely 2012. But it read “ DOOMSDAY “ on the bottom. What's that? 1.5 hours for an odd movie?

I was so expected to see the hot movie and it told me 2012 was the story about religion! I laughed, because I felt I was taken as a fool. After that , I browse the internet , and found there was a movie named “ 2012 Doomsday “ in 2008. Ha! What can I say ? But at last , I saw the real 2012 now.


Boring life and funny life

Durign these 10 days' vocation, I stayed at home and played almost 10 days' video games.
Although I did go to watch the movie "Sherlock Holmes", a quite common movie which did not surprise me a lot, and the "2009 Taipei Auto Show", show girls are very hot there, then met my classmates whom have not met for 5 years. But life is still boring.

However, what kind of life I expect to?
I do not know.

For a person who does not have much money to spent, what kind of goal or enterainment should I have?
Reading? painting and drawing?
Maybe...... day dreaming is a good way to save more money.

People may call those men who like to stay at home as a "OTAKU", but at least they addict to their goals or entertainments, like games, cartoons, dolls or comics. However, I am not so addict to the video games I played as OTAKU.

My life is still boring now and funny life is not coming yet

by Simon


The balloon in Angkor

I went to Angkor by Travel agent group in the end of 2009 and had a wonderful 5 days.
Angkor is in kingdom of Cambodia.
Angkor Wat(小吳哥)is the single biggest architecture in the world.
Somebody says Angkor Wat is Man-made travel wonders.
And it also decided to be World Heritage Site in 1992.

We used 3 days visiting ticket and visited 24 spots.
Except walking view and climbing the spots, use balloon to see the scenery is an exciting experience.

It costs 20 USD each adult and start the sky trip at least 6 persons.
And it must have a good weather.
It can carry 15 adults at the same time.
The balloon will rise up about 100~120 meters.
I guess it use electric engine to move the balloon.
When we rise up into the sky, the balloon will stop in the air and the plat will move slowly by circle.
So we can see East, West, South and North 4 directions views.
We can see Angkor Wat in the South site and Preah Khan Temple (巴肯山)in the North site, and East&West Mebon lake(東/西美篷) is the other site.
We stayed in the sky less 10 minutes. It’s too short to see the beautiful scenery.
I took a picture of the balloon shadow, it was so big.
It’s very interesting trip though it is not traditional balloon.
But I strongly recommend you if you go to Angkor you must experience it.


Seeing is believing!?---Ann

    "Seeing is believing", I think this not true.
    Few weeks ago, I have got an invitation from my college classmate. It was about her engagement party and there was a picture along with it. When I saw the picture, I was wondering "who she is? Do I know her?" I couldn't make sure until I saw the name on it.
    Cosmetics made her become the most beautiful bride in the world but also made her look like a totally different person. Cosmetics indeed is the most magic thing in the world. So guys, seeing is "not" believing.


Corrected Writing from the last three weeks

I thought I'd use this chance to try out a new website called issuu.com. I don't know if everyone will like looking at these documents this way, but I thought we could try it out. Here we go...
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